Tuesday, 19 August 2003

One Oh One
A prison day, wrote a poem about George W Bush as Ozymandias, and lumped my way through my sessions. Massage this evening my abdomen is frozen, Kay thinks I’m anxious, I would agree. Been thinking about what I would put in my personal Room 101, and it would have to include salsa dancing as it ruins families and destroys peoples lives, and interior designers, 'cos they are another step into the realm of not thinking for ourselves. I’m not joking about either of these.

Monday, 18 August 2003

The weight of the world is love
Its been a long time since I wrote in this diary, been away on holiday to Islay in the Hebrides, which was magnificent. And I’ve not been able to log onto my internet account as I’m away in rehearsal at the moment, but I’m going to sort that out so that life is a bit easier from this week.

I have been writing a great deal in the last week. Two long poems and some shorter ones. Mostly written for the ‘flowering tree’ piece that we are rehearsing. I am working with some amazing talent. Though we all have our moments of being highly strung, artists you know, darling!!!

Today I’ve not been at work as my stomach is so upset; I’m dizzy with it. Went to see the doctor who has been helping with ‘recent stuff’ and he’s put me tablets for people with ulcers. I hope I’m not going down that path. There is only 6 weeks of prison work to go as my contract ends at the end of September. Soon it’ll be the freelance life again. Hard but I hope I can do it. Not artistic activity today, was asleep most of the afternoon and I’m going to bed early tonight with this weak mess of a stomach of mine. Hopeful tomorrow will get moving and then it’s off at 4am on Wednesday morning for more devising and rehearsing.

Happy birthday to Rose and Marie 18 and 31 years today respectively, such loveliness the pair of them

Music today: John Martyn – Solid Air, Tori Amos - live