Thursday, 27 November 2003

well done to Benjamin Zephaniah for having the coursge of his convictions and turning down The OBE.

Spent hours today trying to put my work in perspective on a grants for the arts application form. Useful but very hard, I've got a few more days of this to come.

Feeling squiffy, there's a stomach thing going round. Keith calls round with a cauliflower. It trim and bring in the geraniums for winter, and master off the recording of the gig I did the other night in leeds.

Thursday, 20 November 2003

just back from a very strange London. The demonstartions against Bush are raging, and a bomb in turkey just happens to go off while the bbc are actually filming the building it hits. Co-incidence?!!!!!!! I do wonder if Bush and Blair have read 1984 and are using it as a blueprint.

Spent the afternoon signing contracts, looking at grants application forms and cooking up chicken, green peppers and avacados. A day without music or much light in the UK. We’re in deep shit.