Wednesday, 31 March 2004

Home at last, 3 days in London working creating a young person's performance at the Barbican. Grumpy day too though as a school i was supposed to working with in June have decided not to run the project with me so the planning, the meetings and background work all goes down the pan and I'm quite a large amount of money down too as I'd planned the whole thing into my budget. The real killer is they didn't even ring to discuss their ruminations they just cancelled through my agent, well bugger you, silly unprofessional people. You know who you are

reading hemingway's 'a movable feast' on the train, making my soul cry for Paris

big ones to all the kids we've worked with the last few days and to Mel, Malika, Jacob, A-Cyde, Paul, Barbara, Suzie and Kate, for being such good co-workers, sorry i could go for drinks, i had to run for my train

Sunday, 7 March 2004

Marie rings at half 7 to read me two new poems she's written in iambics

to Manchester to buy clothes, i haven't bought anything except for 3 pairs of socks for nearly 8 months, funds have been tight, but now i have no choice, i need a pair of trousers. End up buying pair of trousers, 2 t-shirts, a jumper and a pair of sunglasses. Then to the Punjab in Rusholme for Dosas for lunch. Buy a pestle and mortar, some shoelaces and a steamer basket, from the wonderful Amee general store

money in. Money out

Michael Howard the scumbag is on TV saying the only way to have choices in this world is to have money. i don't accept his world. He'll be saying that half the world's population not having decent water to drink is down to their economic decisions next. TWAT

and its fun to see the three Leicester city football players getting sent down, make a change as it usually someone from Leeds UTD. It seems football is about money, rape and racism...And they call it the beautiful game. Get a job ya ne'r do wells

Saturday, 6 March 2004

Longest week, but very exciting 2 trips to London, one for pleasure, seeing and chatting with friends the other for a workshop and a couple of gigs. Managed to shock 60 or so people last Saturday night with my poem 'lightly' at the poetry cafe, where i broke with all my traditions and read in the open mic section of the evening.

BROTHATALK had a gig in Manchester on Thursday and we rocked the place, if you were there THANK YOU! We had a wild time. Having drinks in the bar afterwards, surrounded by the beautiful people of Manchester, all colours and sexualities. It dawned yet again that i can't just stand and have a drink in Hebden, without some bastard or his girlfriend giving me the look.

new possibilities for work opening up, which are very cool. I'll reveal more if they come off.

today has been the bluest day, i opened the windows wide and started sorting some of my plant pots out, got rid of all the compost from last years tomatoes. It is soon time to plant up for this summer's cropping.

I'm addicted to broadband, yes its up and running and very exciting, just about to settle down to watch a James Bond movie on the telly

ta ra