Thursday, 22 April 2004

Our Street now has its own BLOG.
The power of the journal and the pen is mighty

spent all day yesterday in Ilkley being photographed for the publicity for the forthcoming literary festival. Exciting news in that Benjamin Zephaniah, will be performing at Ilkley on National Poetry Day.

I'm up doing my morning writing. Today is my writing day at home, which means
journaling: to get the crap out of my head and body

reading and studying poetry: on my desk at the moment are books by
Patricia Carrington 'The power of letting go' (this is a self help book recommended by my friend Kay)
Sharon Olds 'The Father, & Satan says' which I'm sure are overdue at the Poetry Library
Curtain Call edited by Hugo Williams
Four Quartets by TS Elliot
Soft Sift by Mark Ford

and then writing and editing some stuff of my own and perhaps thinking about getting something together for a magazine submission, all fuel with lots of tea. Distracted by habitat delivering a replacement table for the dodgy one they originally sent, and if I'm lucky getting John from next door to do my tarot for me

Sunday, 18 April 2004

Saturday writing all day

5 new poems, 2 with promise, one moderate, 2 for the bin

meal with la family Nunn at scary arsed TGI Fridays. yea gods what prices ARRRRGHHHHH, our waitress was nice though!!

Yoga, yoga....Artists way homework, and lots of journaling.

had a good heart talk with Johnny re: bad dreams I've been having he is a star. Rang Stephen, and did more Homework

Thursday, 15 April 2004

Workless day thanks to the building noise from the conversions down the road, Been reading the wonderful poetry of Dorothy Molloy and pondering this question: does resisting an occupying force automatically make you a terrorist? and is that a always bad thing?

Wednesday, 14 April 2004

I've been trying to enjoy the writer's life a bit more, my ingrained catholic work ethic of misery often makes me guilty about being a writer, i should suffer and get a real job it says. So bollocks to that, my job is to write, and to do that i need to fuel up, not run myself ragged pleasing someone else's god who i don't believe in

I've been writing a commentary to one of my poems, why i wrote it, drafting & editing processes etc, for a book, about those very things. Important stuff but very hard to write about why i make some of the literary choices i make.

off to Manchester soon to meet the nice people at Commonword, I'm supposed to be on holiday, but here i am writing away, and doing my diary to see when i can fit in a job for Oldham Hospital, I've been asked to run some sessions on an acute ward, and mentor some staff in creative practices. Nice work for a boy with one O level. Like i say all to often 'it's not about being clever'

big love to all the folk on the KIN tour, thanks for a great show last week, and love to the fab Kate at the Barbican for a lovely weeks work

Sunday, 4 April 2004

Editing new material for the book today. It is very April shower here in Hebden. Very sunny this morning, very cold this afternoon, so I'm sat at my new dining table, with the laptop. Hacking away. Just sent the new versions of to my lovely friend Cherry Smith, who i can trust to give me good comment, actually about the poems, not just reactions to things as so many people do, or they just want to please you so they say nice things

did a lovely gig on Friday night at Cartwright Hall in Bradford, my poem 'variola' caused quite a stir its subject matter being quietly very provocative. a number of people asked where they can get a copy of it. The only place it has appeared so far is in the latest issue of the Rialto follow this link to find out how to buy a copy. I am hoping that it will be in the book, but we've yet to make the selection. I'm just adding to the woodpile at the moment, but i hope to have my newer stuff with my publisher this week.

I've been listening to Current 93 again since bumping into Tibet, 'soft black stars' is such a remarkable lp. If you've never heard Current 93 then open your heart and give them a chance

back to the book


Thursday, 1 April 2004

Strange meetings in strange places

off to York to look at a project I've been asked to do. Getting the youth of a small York outcrop moving along a bit, only its not the youth that are the problem its the older residents hating what the young are!! i start Monday

got some wild photos in the post from a couple of recent photoshoots relating to the play 'and SHE WAS' including one set where were serenading a pair of donkeys with accordions and poetry, i may put a few up on the site just for fun

still reading Hemingway and still craving mussels in cream, wine and garlic.

I'm so ready for a holiday. i have the week off next week, once i get past Monday, i have to do edits for the book though, but that will be sheer pleasure

on the way back to the train station i bumped into David Tibet of Current 93, he is such a gracious man. He was out and about with his mum, we chatted for a while, then i went off to fall asleep on the train..That's the whole day really, not seen the news, not wrote a words, strange meetings in strange places and nodding off