Monday, 31 May 2004

Bank Holiday Monday

a day off:

getting on with artists way stuff, but noticing how i fritter time at the computer

listening to john coltrane's crescent this morning, and placebo's 'sleeping with ghosts,' brilliant the pair of them.

the garden is all purple and orange, chives in flower, violets, and lavenders for the purples, poppies and Italian marigolds and fiery dragon for the oranges. Need tea to live so I'm off to the co-op for milk and lunchables, then its time to journal and do some of my artist's way tasks which I've neglected over the last week with to's and fro's to London.

I'm feeling very affected by the Dalai Lama's speech from Friday. I was lucky enough to get to go and see him give his lecture at the Central Methodist Hall, such a lesson on how to be in this world. The man is much more than his words.

anyway tea and Miles Davis after the co-op and writing, have an idea for an outro for the readings for refugee week so will have a go at that


Tuesday, 25 May 2004

Haven't managed to write a word for two days, not even my main journal, as I've been doing workshops in a primary school in Lancashire... I'm quite brain dead so there is nothing to report except I'm listening to old T-Rex records and the marigolds in the garden are wonderful, they seem to glow at night.

Sunday, 23 May 2004

Its been so sunny here today, but the weather in this place makes people strange, what is it about warm weather and alcohol that are just so difficult.

My poem Variola has been nominated by my publisher for the Forward Prize. I'm so happy, not for the status but because my work is being taken seriously.

am damn tired after a trip to Milton Keynes to do evaluations on 'and SHE WAS' a very sad time as the company has now parted for the time being. i don't know how people in film and theatre manage this stuff. People become like your family, then the play is over and ......

I'm off to watch Austin Powers on telly, my sleepy treat for this evening


Friday, 7 May 2004

Last day of my work with the Young Offenders of Bradford. I'm not good at regular work like this, am much better at very short jobs and writing books and commissions. My head is full of Afghani proverbs as I've been researching stuff for my new poem

when an ant speaks of the ocean, he's talking about a puddle.

this afternoon, a few calls, prep for the last part of the 'and SHE WAS' tour next week, i am looking forward to us all being together again. Feel like i need to sleep, and I'm wishing Derek Jarman had managed one more volume of his dairies as I could do with his artistically solid voice in my head

pip pip

Wednesday, 5 May 2004

Just beginning work on my piece for refugee week. i have been asked to read at Bradford and York, so I'm working up a new piece. Its like needing a new frock to go out in, I always need something new to read.

Been reading a lot of poems that are portraits of people, trying to hone my skills somewhat.

My book should be out this year, so I'm feeling very pleased, and I'm confirmed to read in Ireland, in Portadown of all places on the 3rd of November. My mum was born in Portadown and my granny is buried at Drumcree so its a kind of homecoming, I lived there for a short time a few lifetimes ago......I wonder how I can look a few of the people I used to know up, my auntie who was my link is long dead, and i have no memory of anyone's addresses, still i have a gob on me, i can ask when i get there.