Monday, 21 June 2004

Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind

STAGGERING film, unspeakably good

Friday, 18 June 2004

Thank you, if you came to either of the shows this week. I know they were quite sombre affairs, given the subject matter, its only right that we could apply ourselves seriously for once. I really enjoyed the shows but found myself missing Sherry, Xan, Grace, Allan and Phil from 'A Word in Edgeways.' I has been so wonderful working with them and the York gig on Tuesday was a solo show, and Wednesday in Bradford was with Jack Mapanje & Nick Toczek, but without the warmups, voice work, and fun and games back stage it was a very different set of affairs than I've got used to.

The computer is still taking up to much of my time. I'm in spam hell too at the minute, the robots have found me I think, so its all Fire Walls and mailwashers round here, need to change my laptop to something actually portable too. The amount of writing I'm not doing is incredible..Anyone wanna buy a very good laptop?


today's music John Coltrane - Africa Brass

Monday, 14 June 2004

Training day at Oldham hospital all day getting ready for big training sessions of 13 where I work with patients and staff

back home to the dust ridden world of my bathroom which is being redone at long last, but the dust has turned my house into a hell realm

Rachel from Ilkley rang to say the bookmarks for the festival are on their way featuring a pic of me eating a full breakfast. Nice call from Radio Leeds who would like to interview me before my gig on Wednesday. I like it when people are nice

The world seems a lot clearer today, clearer than it has for a long time. I think I'm finally beginning to understand what drives the people of this town and for a long time, I've tried to be a part of this place but I think after the last few days, I'd much rather just be myself, funny how we try and sell ourselves off to abate need and loneliness, when one stops fighting one is much less lonely.

Thanks to Johnny today for the coffee and the support..