Friday, 25 February 2005


some scumbag pickpocketed my ipod today, i am not a happy bunny, and i can't afford to replace it.

and i was going to write a fabulous list of the music i'l been listening to this morning

currently enjoying on vinyl - aphex twin - 'boxing day' from analord 03

Wednesday, 16 February 2005

cotton wool

in the head that is. yes its that post gig thick head. Yoga was like lead this morning. Read a great deal, but wrote nothing. Did an Interview for 'Writer's News' magazine which won't appear until May.


This evening John from next door came round and we watched Derek Jarman's JUBILEE, oh those were the days.


at midnight I lit some insence to release the past and flavour the future, and I haven't listened to any music for 2 days.... I lie, I listened to aphex twin's "analord' eps in the car yesterday....and i have a craving for Van Morrisson's 'Veedon Fleece'

Monday, 14 February 2005


Valentine craziness

up at 6, drive 2 hours through shocking traffic to get to the BBC to read my valentine's poem on air live.

drive back to yorkshire, on the phone all day, and working on webstuff.

then back to manchester for the evening gig at CONTACT and an interview on BBC Asian Network. jollies on stage, and jollies at the bar. home for is dead in Manchester

Monday, 7 February 2005

Arvon calling

Up early to do a Radio interview for the BBC...Is love dead? All about my online residency. I have a week to write a poem based on stories sent to me by their listeners, which I will perform on air next Monday.


its a hell of a week as I frantically pack to get ready to go teach for a week at The Arvon - Ted Hughes Centre. I am running a residential course for young writers and we're away all week in the countryside, they're in for a shock as there is not TV or ordinary internet..Just books, themselves and pen and paper, and me of course to mix things up.

music so far:
Jowonio Productions - live at the smallnote

Saturday, 5 February 2005


a great fun time today, running a poetry workshop at Stockport college for northern writers. i talked a great deal about the need for authentic voice, and how if one doesn't read poetry, one shouldn't try to put stuff out there, as you as only having one side of a conversation if you do this. We did a couple of nice exercises, and I read a little. Then there was a short panel on how we all became writers, i was joined by novelists Sherry Ashworth and Cath Staincliffe, and publisher Ian Daley.


got some publicity postcards for the Four Fathers book, it is very odd seeing hundreds of pictures of my dad out there.


saw a lovely film lastnight called Sideways, at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. A real film for grown ups, so touching and very funny.

music for today:
Miles Davis - ESP
Balil - Parasight

Wednesday, 2 February 2005

BBC webbing

Meeting at Arvon this morning about the residential course I'm running there next week. Then chained myself to the computer to write my webpage for the BBC website where I'll be asking for stories based on themes I set, to inspire me to write poems over the next 13 weeks.


I have been reading Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, which is doing very interesting things to my view of the world, suddenly things look much more alive.


The BBC also posted up an interview with me about my work you can read it here


Big Loves to Anna, Judi and Mike for just being


Music for today: Aphex Twin - Analord 10