Thursday, 24 March 2005

Sunday, 20 March 2005


Spring equinox
'I sit in my room, imagine the future'

dance around to Kylie singing 'come into my world,' and make space for new poems, by moving the house around.

musics - Kylie - come into my world,
Black dog - virtual
scarlatti - piano

Wednesday, 16 March 2005


9 pm still at work, squeezing in days of work where there aren't any days, feast or famine is the writer's game. Tonight, i'm waiting on a call for a booking in Ireland, thinking if i don't book a holiday soon i'll snap. the television sneaks through from next door, and the books are lined up waiting for my use. stop soon though and into the wonderful sexy world of desperate housewives


3 poems by me on the BBC now please have a look


music today, the fabulous new acid sounds of 'analord 5' by aphex twin...he just keep them coming

Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Days of our lives

Putting up shelves, reading a poetry collection called 'a book of luminous things,' hanging with my mate Chris who is back from the land of the dead, painting the bathroom white and being late paying the credit card bills so I'm spending money on nothing.


Disappointed to read the Quentin Tarrantino is not making the next James Bond film, he would have done such a good job with it, I like Bond Films, but they are always a bit too stupid, the first 2 are the best, I guess I'm still waiting for something as exciting as Dr. NO.


My newly shelved room feels massive, this is the first time I have had this much room, I am so tired of having to get rid of books. there is still a desk to build, all the computers and music wiring to sort, and many things to sift through, years of accumulation, got to be brave with some of this stuff....I want a room of knowledge and art to inspire my life.

music around the house the last few days:
early Kraftwerk singles, Eno & Budd - The Pearl, been singing 'The Lamb' by Genesis, and the new Mike Ladd lp has had a few spins too.

Friday, 11 March 2005


Just watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who, and all fears were put aside, this is going to be very scary Saturday teatime stuff...fantastic, a bit Buffyish, but the new Doctor is great and the Autons are scary and funny at the same time. Brilliantly done, and very 2005.


I'm not writing here as much as I once did, recently I have felt keeping the blog was stealing from my writing, so while I have no intention of giving it up, a couple of entries a week may have to suffice, unless of course I have stuff that will only work here.


I have managed only one poem all day, and a short one at that, there's little juice flowing, its still too cold, don't feel like doing the garden, but finally the main part of the building work is over, the fences have gone, I’ve lit loads of incense outside to celebrate and claim the street back. I hope that we can get a sense of the street back as summer rolls in, though the town feels like its been damaged beyond repair. Then we have 18 new households to accommodate in the new flats, that's going to be interesting.


I have tried to feed myself today, both imaginatively and foodily. I really don't feel like doing much at all, so perhaps I shouldn't. The London Review of Books, is a constant joy, the personals are a scream and the thinking and writing in the paper, superb. It would be very nice to have a year on an island with my books and papers and laptop - the need to earn wages to live steals so much away from one's creativity. Some folk manage and are even driven by having to get on, but I hate it. Would like nothing more than just to write, do a few readings and workshops, and read and travel...that would do, and some hanging out with friends too of course.

Sunday, 6 March 2005


I’ve been jiggling the Commonword residency, with touring the ‘Four Fathers’ book, lat night we read for World Book Day in Manchester, as always the audience for a lit gig was small, but it was feisty stuff. Tom and Ray who are in the book with me, read wonderfully, James Nash our 4th was unable to make the gig as he is quite poorly, and I chaired the event. I was on one a bit as I believe our freedom to write is in peril from the stupid ‘right to be offended’ bill the government is trying to pass, even if they say its against causing religious hatred, those things are already served in other laws, with the British Public, being so thin skinned and ready to offended by anything, I’m sure writer’s will be self censoring, so they can get published. This is insane. It is our job to offend when necessary, to tell real stories, to extrapolate possibilities, and if someone chooses to be offended, that is fine, but it is not a legal thing.


Imagine life without the literary advances made by James Joyce, DH Lawrence, Anais Nin, Salman Rushdie, we are giving our liberty away. What the government do not understand is that it will cause people to break the new laws, do we have to become criminals now to be be able to do our jobs?


Anyway I haven't slept, I’ve drank too much coffee, and I was out of the house at 6.30 this morning to be on GMR reading a poem for Mothers, as you can see John is a grumpy git in the morning, so I’ll end this entry by, saying I’ve taken the plunge and replaced my iPod, I won’t feel violated, can’t really afford it but I’ve done it anyway, and at 6.45 whilst the world were reading the Metro paper on the train I was rocking out to ‘Immigrant Song’ from ‘Led Zeppelin III.’

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Fighting back

so my insurance wouldn't cover my ipod, i decided to just get another, damned if i can really afford it, but i will not feel violated like that. I upgraded my insurance and bought a beautiful new iPod Photo 30 gig. I need lots of music and audio books and shit for travelling.


Awake at 5am to do a bit of editing and a piece Xan has written for the Financial Times, the myth of Adonis...such a beautiful piece of writing, i hope they accept it.


I bought my new pod on the way to a private gig in the lovely GE club on Liverpool Street, what a wonderous night, mostly cos I had my friends around me, Mike Ladd came over from Paris, and we hung out some, traded tunes, and Talked Poetry... Xanthe came to the gig with me, Anna turned up, went for indian gin with Parm, and stayed at Stephen's. then it was up and away, home for 2 hours, and off to a gig in Liverpool last night. this morning I have an Old freind coming round, I've been updating the art on my iPod, tuning into some webcasts, and I'm just making tea.


it is snowing outside and cold, and I'm okay in here, doing little chuncks of nothing much.