Thursday, 28 April 2005

wide sea

I've been reading Jean Rhys' 'Wide Sargasso Sea.' I'm amazed it has taken me this long to come across her. This is undoubtedly one of the best-written books I have ever had the good fortune to read...and the story is mesmerising. I've got Orwell's 'Down and Out in Paris and London' to have a go at next, but that is for study, as I'm trying to learn my way into prose, to prove to myself at least that the 'four fathers' story wasn't a one off fluke, the number of people who have asked me for a novel recently is getting silly, I have to say to them, 'but I'm a poet.' Do we have to prove ourselves with novels?


There has been some movement with the book. I got a number of questions through from my publisher about some of the possible pieces, which I have been replying to and editing into slightly better shapes. Its strange when one's editor asks one about a piece that is eight years old and then I have to justify why I wrote that bit, the way I did, I almost have no emotion towards a piece after it has been written for a while, so it is odd to have to relate to these old lovers. I am hoping there will be a lot of the newer work in the book.


Got Analord 7 but haven’t listened to it yet, number 6 was the first time I've been disappointed with the series.


The new style office is paying off in dividends, everything is to hand, and I am now slowly building up my library, as there is room, this has been one of my lifelong ambitions, to have my own library, it will take me all my life I’m sure, but in terms of reference, even the few volumes I have so far are incredibly useful, like today, I was writing a piece about the significance and symbolism of the current moon, and all I had to do was reach up from my desk and the juxtapositions presented from just a few books made the writing so easy.


I’ve just written and recorded 3 poems for the BBC; they will go out on election night next Thursday on the radio..There is an opinion piece I also wrote already up on the website, access it from my news page if yr interested. Please drop me a line if you take a peek, would like to know yr thoughts.


Tomorrow is all prep work as I have the 2nd of my London workshops on Sunday for 'Spread the Word' and I am reading in Boarders on Oxford Street on Tuesday, watch out for the political stuff if yr around.


Thanks for reading,

I must send great love to Xan, Rosie, Sherry and the bean

Friday, 8 April 2005

Burning up

some weeks are just tiring for no other reason than we have to live through them. As I drive around today the tory posters, try to appeal to the worst in me, AM I THINKING? yes I am, but these posters are not about thought they are about appealing to the worst in the British nation. Its the person who says they're not rascist who is. You know they're about to say "BUT!!". The dumbing down over the last two decades has made this shit possible. I want Britain to surprise me and think for itself, but how can we make choices when there are no choices? labour as worse in some ways as they are not even honest, the tories are telling us straight 'we hate you,' labour do it through veils and lies.


went to David Evan's book launch last night in Manchester for his new novel ' A touch of the sun' , he did a great reading, and lots of peopel turned up. chatting around after I got lots of good feedback on the BBC poems, people are liking the new writing, and the newest poem about change has gone down really well.


the rebuilding of my office goes on, now I've rewired the pc back up and I regret it, I use it as a music server and to do sound editing on, but it needs so much attention, i much prfere my little mac laptop, it just does what its supposed to do and thats messing.


music -
EMPEROR - "Scattered Ashes"
KYLIE - " Burning up"
QUEEN - "Doing Alright"
OPETH - "Still day beneath the sun"

yes rock and disco, lovely

Saturday, 2 April 2005

on a beautiful day

People are being pious and wringing their hands as the pope meets his end

My first daffodil has opened fully

The cats have killed a baby rat in the night, it is such a lovely little thing - ratty innocence

We need to remove Blair's feeding tube and let him go into his long night

South Africa, what have we made?

I'm going to a specialist unit today to work with families who have memebers with rare genetic disorders.

Everywhere there is more going unsaid rather than is said, we as so afraid to speak now. Britain is so under the thrall of the US, that people are allowing themselves to be conned into thinking their fears are religion, and it is their religious right to be offended.... on a beautiful day like this

Friday, 1 April 2005

come into my world

I’ve spent the morning writing a new article for the BBC, and now this afternoon, I am supposed to write them a poem on the meaning of change, and they have asked me to write pieces in the run up to the general election, but I have nothing positive to say at all about the mad men and liar who have snuck and slunk and brazened their ways to the top. So that will be fun, expect pure vitriol.

Still in the land of Kylie Minogue, and current 93, after a phone call with David from Current this morning, I’m just in the mood for his piano loveliness that is ‘soft black stars.’ also listening to old ENID lps.. Whatever happened to them eh?

So I’m searching for images to sum up change....answers on a postcard....