Thursday, 26 May 2005


This time of year is a mad one for the 'working' writer who workshops too. schools want you in and there's gigs galore in the evenings. knackering but one can't complain during the feasting season.


Amazed and inspiered by the great Laurie Anderson who I was luck enough to see live the other night. Anyone who performs their work should see how she does it. her set was stunning, but it was also just so well presented and staged.

Thursday, 19 May 2005

Drunken afternoon

Some days are not what one plans. today was going to be about catching up with admin. but here is 3 pm and I'm in bed catching up on sleep, a bit drunk and full of guiness and pub lunch. I have walked miles over the local hills, and swooned with joy as the proofs for my book have finally arrived. there is along way to go. Edits to do, negotiations to have, but here it is becoming real. the thing that ever writer dreams of.

some days are about doing whatever you please. i am allowed this one, for sure


sad news about Kylie having cancer. She is something special in our hard old world. she's not a great singer, or anything, she makes simple happy music, and makes the world a sexier place in such an ordinary way. lots of thoughts to her....


Sunday, 15 May 2005


deeply embroiled in late 60s early 70's free jazz today, with the new soul jazz comp. NEW THING, staggering, funky as hell and very challenging too. biggest surprise Swami Satchidananada doing a voice over on Alice Coltrane's Take on 'A Love Supreme.' he is one of my heroes...loving too the vibes of Paris Smith.


Not the nicest of days out there, I'm off to a friend's engagment party. I've been up since early mapping the past to see sense to make future plans, and poetry.

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

running ground

hawking my wares at the moment, a meeting with radio 4 yesterday, and a meeting at the publishers - Peepal Tree today, about a kid's collection. All this writing done and waiting for homes, and writing that still needs doing, like I'm trying to plug holes in a dam or a boat. where are we in all this creativity, perhaps the writer and the writing are the same thing. I hope not but there seems to be no independent life from it. Without the work there is what?


bach violin

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Dan Lomahaftewa & Martin Ladd

Goodbye to Dan Lomahaftewa who died recently, a marvellous Native America artist who life was hard, and whose soul was great. I was lucky enough to have met dan a few times. His art had a deeply vibrant homely spiritual quality... He was a BIG quiet man.....

One goes/One comes -  it seems

welcome to Martin, new to this world, son of my friend Mike and his wife Fanny. Born in Paris 2 days ago.

Friday, 6 May 2005

that friday feeling

wanting to stay in bed.

can't face the news this morning, to see tony blair's face on the news again, michael howard would be just as bad. but what's worse and no one is speaking of is how the racist vote has risen. 1887 people in my valley voted bnp out of 47,768 people who voted in this constituency. that's more than the green party got, and if we ignore them they won't go away....perhaps they should be nutered so they can't breed.

I'm just going to have to not read any newspapers or watch tv for a week or so, to avoid the lying hateful faces of our so called government.

better thoughts...back to london for a party at the Poetry Society today...leading my lovely Spread the word/renaissance one workshop tomorrow in beautiful West Norwood, and with the same group a gig tomorrow night......see nice thoughts......nice thoughts

Thursday, 5 May 2005

auto replies

its funny trying to maintain one's mailing list, i have just sent out my latest newsletter to people who hopefully are interested in my work, then when i check my own email, there are swarms of auto replies, what a strange phonomena they are...and so various, thank you all for you auto replies, i think i'll make up a very naughty one...


now playing Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine
(yes it is getting some serious rotation)


off to vote now....who shall i choose to run my country?


my political poems will air on BBC Manchester tonight and in the morning, you can find them online on the BBC manchester literature page, and see me read on on the downloads page of my site,


next to bed book pile

Tony Buzan - how to mind map
George Orwell - down and out in paris and london
Sri Swami Satchidananda - Yoga sutras of Patanjali

no poetry you ask! - Bloodaxe's 'Being Alive' is next to the loo

Wednesday, 4 May 2005


bouncing from meeting to meeting, right now I'm sat in front of Derek Jarman's painting 'queer' in Mc'r city art gallery, i have a meeting here in 5 minutes or so.

using dash blog, i'm trying to be more regular and chatty with my blog for a while, when things get too emotive or busy in my life i tend not to blog as i feel it give away the stuff i need to be working on, sometimes I think it takes away from writing too, but right now, its a good thing.

just had lunch with poet Rosie Lugosi, we had oysters, the first time for both of us, as we talked arts funding and poetic politics, i really enjoyed the oysters, like eating the feminine aspect of the sea, and they have always been something i've been scared of, so we both thought we'd have a go.

been listening to Miles Davis 'my funny valentine' in the car, the live album. stupendous, such a delicate swing.


There is something wrong with my lovely waterman pen, so I've taken it in for repair, its like being without a limb as there isn't a single thing that hasn't been written with it since i got it in february....what am I going to write with??? a bic?....hmm

the muslim vote

just reading the news and the 'battle for the musilim vote' rages on. it makes me wonder when will we stop pigeon holing people. I also wonder when I or others like me, who are not muslims, not represented by a community leader, are british and yet are culturally less entwined in the miasma because of the advantages of mixed heritage, might begin to feel like we have some representation from government. perhaps just being Human Beings makes that too difficult.


after my reading at borders last night I was cornered by a chap who took great offence at one of my poems, one which uses the conservative refrain "are you thinking what I'm thinking?' he was at great pains to point out that because the tories immigration poster, the mass hangings of St. Georges flags, and the use of Dog Whistle advertising psychology tht is in use in the media, and in general life makes me uncomfortable, that some somehow it was is fault that I percive these things as racist. As perception of racism is subjective, my feelings etc, then the tories aren'tt being racist as it is only my opinion.

I suppose this chap thinks I care if he buys my books or that I'm keen to make people like me through my writing. I don't write to make people like me, I do like to stir things up, and I'm sorry to break it to him but the tories are using racism to create rifts, and capture the even more right wing votes. I'm sorry he doesn't get it, and that he feels hard done to, but surely since he feels hard done to, that must be subjective, so I couldn't have been saying what he though I was saying.


its late. i have just discovered dashblog for 'tiger.'


I am dazzled by how time flies, just a few hours ago i was performing in Borders on Oxford Street, London, now I'm in my own bed 200 miles north, for the first time in a long time it seems. My poems were filmed so I'll put a little quicktime film on my website soon so you can see the event if you like.