Friday, 29 July 2005


just taking a break from staring at poems thinking about what order they go in, for the Anthology I'm compiling for Commonword.


Its like Autumn today. I have the fire on, and Serge Gainsbourg is playing on iTunes


Yesterday I was writing portraits of poeple for the commission I am Currently undertaking for the Rainer Charity. I have no idea what to write so I just observe and try to record what and who I feel is there in words.


The desire to write landscapes is very large in me at the moment. I could easily take 3 years off from everything else and just write, there are so many ideas afoot.


The Rialto book is nearly ready. i have done what I hope is the final typo check, and the cover is great and now we're just waiting for quotes for the back cover.

Killing Me Softly

a song comes on the car stereo, summing up many things I never have said, like the writer of the song has some clear line into your deep thoughts. Don't you just hate that. Bloody pop music. how can a 3 minute song sometimes do that? There is much wonder in the world.

Friday, 22 July 2005

Oh England

The saddness continues, as the death continues. what does it all mean? what if the guy the police shot was just a guy? i am sick to the stomach with the whole business, and how can Blair say it has nothing to do with the world situation? Its getting very bad and it could get worse. we really need to be honest and clear about what were doing, but its not down to you and me. We have no say, and the murder it seems just keeps on going

Friday, 15 July 2005

cover and other thoughts

I am away tutoring creative writing at the Arvon Centre in Devon, and so have not been able to read any email for days. but today when i take my laptop out of the bag for the first time in ages. i remember there is a wireless network in the office, and yes I can get my mail down, but can't reply to any. Among the numerous offers of Cheap Viagra, and promises that my wife will be pleased that i somehow seem to get every day there is the mock up for my book cover from my publishers designer. what a terrifying moment. I sit there very shocked at first, then it begins to grow on me. all the students gather round for a look, and yes they like it. it is so bold a cover that it is almost too much, but then it is right. and for now I can't tell you what it is, but soon it will apeear on the website.

The book is really on its way, after so long, it is almost here.


We got hold of a newspaper today, we're newsless in our writing retreat. ever page the same rhetoric. I worry that this nonsesne will cause my work to drop off. Words like atrocity, british born, terror, keeping the idea of the other in play. when someone is the other you can hate them, but the word should be british. the alleged bombers were british, like me, possibly like you. hwen will we accept that britain is the country it is. that it is not an us and them place. and that our government's collusion over, iraq, afghanistan, and pacts made over hundreds of years for money and power are what are really behind all the stuff we are calling terror.

Thursday, 7 July 2005

in all this take a moment please

take a moment and try not to be caught with words like terror and war.
let us try not to react back at who we think is the cause of these problems.
let us find the real root of these things and go there.

terror terror

Of course by now you will know that there has been some very bad stuff happening in London today. I am avoiding the rolling news reports though as they are using the word terror so often it is losing any meaning, and I'm sure it is just winding people up by now. I cannot also help thinging how convienient this 'attack' is given that the G8 is going onand the government are trying to ram through their insane identity cards bill.

I am very sorry for anyone hurt today with all this stuff.

when will we understand that we are creating these happenings with the way UK and US are treating the rest of the world. the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan before it, are part of what is making the world the way it is. We are not safer because of the 'war on terror.' The 'war on terror' is causing these things, there are so many otherways to deal with the world but our governments are not for listening to their subjects.

Monday, 4 July 2005

G8 Monday

Monday night in Edinburgh. I am here on a weeks yoga intensive, and at the same time the G8 protests are in full swing. Today is the day things kicked off, here are a couple of photos from the front line of Princes Street, where the police retained their humour, and the trouble is being caused not by protesters as it says on the news but by gangs of chavs and neds, who have come from near and far to cause trouble.

images (c) John Siddique 2005