Tuesday, 23 August 2005

chatty mood

Ain't I in the mood today. Sometimes blogging is a great way to clear things out. I guess I'm in need of conversation, I'm always in need of conversaton, one of my blessings and failures I suppose, I have been known to talk.

There seems to be a Hub like thing going on at the house, which I am very pleased about, lots of phone calls, a lost friend calling up after 5 years, visitors, in the forms of my actor friend Saul and his wife, my old mucker and old reliable but odd music critic Paul, Johnnie the Wizard is back on the planet too, and doing very well with his pagan pages on the BBC Bradford website, someone should publish him. Often my house is as unvisited as an unmarked grave. But this week, has been very good. I need this flow of people, a town this size is often far too small to occupy one, so I have to travel around for stimulus, this week though its knocking at my door.

I have a craving to watch the old KUNG FU tv series....

Book pile/Music Pile

Goya - the Disasters of war
John Wyndham - The Chrisalyds
Satchidanana - Yoga hatha
Tony Buzan - Embracing Change

Current 93
earth covers earth vinyl reissue
at sunset black ships ate the sky

Claude Challe
Nirvana Lounge 1 and 2

analord 9 & 11

Miles Davis - ESP

Keith Jarrett - Eyes of the heart

getting to it

I Have had an idea I've been wanting to work on for years and never been able to find the way in. I've been offered funding to research it, friends want to read it, gigs have been offered to me on the strength of it, but I have until now really not known how to get any kind of grip on it. Then 4 o'clock yesterday, I literately said out loud, "Oh I could just...." and I had it, I can begin the long slow process of this book. There is a path to begin, it finally feels like it could be done and be real for me. I have hinted at it in my writings for so long, but give it 3 years and we might have something.


I didn't realise ennui was a communicable disease that had terminal outcomes until I moved to Hebden.... is there a doctor in the house?

A very bleary morning, in need of some Claude Challe or Kylie on the stereo

Monday, 22 August 2005

french proverb

Found a great french proverb:

"Make haste slowly"


Am sat here trying to work my way through the British Library catalogue trying to find ancient maps. have also been asked today do I want to write a play? of course i say yes. I've never written a play before, so I'll start reading and filling my head up, while they apply for funds and we'll see....

its 4 in the afternoon and o only feel like I'm getting going now. Some days are so bloody slow. woke up knackered, does that ever happen to you? Slept loads as well...


Just got the vinyl reissue of Current 93's 'Earth Covers Earth" in the post today. It is so stunning on vinyl, really the cd version does it no justice at all. absolutely essential purchase if you like modern european Folk, and John Clare type poetry.

Friday, 19 August 2005

Old ham

Great meeting today with Helen Robinson the lit Officer for Oldham. We're trying to pull a project together for next year. I am amazed that even after 10 years as a professional writer, I still find it hard to talk about money.

Driving through Uppermill was a revelation, so pretty and what a landscape, bet there's a Royston Vasey element to it somewhere under the surface. Country towns are very odd sometimes, Hebden's tagline could be "no one gets out alive." for such a small town there are an awful lot of bodies that keep turning up. Last week one was found in Horsehold woods, thats just across from where I live. I think that makes it three this year so far in the woods and waters hereabouts. We only have a population of 4300, and yes people die, but it always seems to be in the woods. spooky. I could do with a scooby snack.

I have been working on a DVD which will be on sale at readings, a kind of sampler, including my pieces from the recent Barbican show, and a new film I have made on the nature of the war on terror as it is in this country.

Today I have been typing up a lot of stuff too, and sending speculative ideas to a newspaper. You gotta try. Its the squeaky wheel that gets the grease as they say.

Music for today - Miles Davis 'ESP' window down, sunroof open, Yeah.

hey to Carolein, Jill, and Sarah, my yoga friends. thanks for your inspirations and help. I'm working on my headstand and its getting there.

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

vanishing days

Rushing around after bills and forms, and the whole day goes so far away from what you need to do or planned.


have been in London, researching and writing like a fiend. Lots of new work. Still waiting on book quotes. But joy of joys my old friend Donna has turned up out of the blue, 5 years since we've spoken, our home situations made things too hard before. But Now she's back and as soon as there is a space in my diary I'm off to Bristol to catch up with her.

Saturday, 13 August 2005

london bound

leaving for London, for the first time since all the troubles, so much whirling about, the greatest fears I have are to do with the rise of racism, that has been unbridled from people who always carried this shit in their hearts, but now feel okay about being the fascists they really are. and of course police having guns is never a good thing.


on my iPod for the journey:
Current 93 - at sunset ep
nav katze - never mind the distortion
prem joshua - water down the ganges

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

the odd days

some days it really pays off this writer thing. I am knackered as I have just finished writing poetry on the spot in direct response to my subjects for the commission I am working on for the Rainer Charity, but as it is such an unusual way of working, i have been shadowed by a reporter from the Guardian all afternoon. this will go into a feature in the Society pages in September, which nicely ties in with my book coming out.....woo hoo... as they say

Friday, 5 August 2005


Just finished editing the new anthology for Commonword, its going to be called 'Transparency.' wrote the intro for it today, so its just a typo check and we're done.

book pile

in the process of being read around the house at the moment:

Kathleen Jamie - Findings
Donna Farhi - Yoga Mind Body & Spirit
Swami Satchidananda - To know yourself
Anthology - Being Alive
Tony Buzan - Embracing Change
Dr Who magazine
Catland the art of Louis Wain

day to day

the life of a poet eh? one day Wigan, next day Bolton. The book is sat at the printers apparently, but we're waiting for quotes for the back cover. we have an ISBN now, I'm so excited i thought about having a tattoo of the number, but then thought better of it.


just found the best widget for dashboard, it lets you tune into any BBC radio station with a net feed. Living in the valley, we can't get digital radio so this is very cool, now if i could get something like it on the pc that runs the house hi-fi, we'd be laughing.


Really enjoying Kathleen Jamie's new book 'Findings' which is poetic vignettes about skulls, caves, birds, tables, and light. Such a lovely thing.