Monday, 20 February 2006


today is my sister's 4th anniversary, so with my thoughts of her, and the candle on my shrine, I am using the day to be greatful for my life, being a poet, the power in words, the meetings, the workshops, the train rides, the tricky family upbringing, my remaining family, the people of each day, yoga, my friends, my lovers, and just being able to think and walk, and breathing in and out.

Thursday, 16 February 2006

cold 5 degrees

Its a cold five degrees, must be the breeze.


Breakfast of french toast, bacon and maple syrup in Mooch, listening to Stephane Grapelli, and reading the paper, Then home in the search for inspirartion today I'm reading Carver, Chekhov, Kafka, and dipping into Brewer's. Fishing for meaning...


next up cups of tea, toasted muffins, and Miles Davis, or some Bach...its going to be one of those days. some days the solitary aspects of this life just doesn't seem the thing at all, a break hanging out with friends is what is needed, or a good party.


This is a piece of stencil graffiti in the local park in Hebden that I photographed when out collecting my post from my PO Box, and took a detour round the park to try to fold the night thoughts away.

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

unopenable post

someone sent me an epostcard yesterday, I couldn't get it to open, and I'm sure it wasn't spam. If yr reading this please get in touch

Friday, 3 February 2006


a eu assez, a besoin d'un sommeil, ses quatre de l'après-midi, allant au lit, a dormi la nuit mal passée. Alors je serai jusqu'à la vie encore plus.

Wednesday, 1 February 2006


minus 1 here, but I'm thinking of dressing warmly and going up on the hills. Feeling very bogged down and not getting much done here on teh valley floor. up and out, or perhaps into the woods. even though its not that cold here as we have the northern dampness, it seems colder than it is.

Today is a fire festival to celebrate the returning light, lambing season will begin soon, the wolrd rushes past, if we don't start living the way we really want too, we'll soon find we've missed the chances. light the fires and begin the actions.