Monday, 27 March 2006

accidental poet's conference

Ah! Mooch for breakfast, if you ever come to Hebden you must eat here, it is a great little place, wonder why I can't get any weight off? This morning there was an accidental gathering of poets for breakfast, who should come in today but John Hegley, Peter Pegnall, and yours truly, all under seperate steams. funny who you bump into sometimes in out of the way little places.

Reading Neruda's Memoirs, dear god they're beautiful, not far in yet, but I am blown away.

Four fathers is go, we put the final polish on the book tomorrow, and I am almost done on my book for Crocus, so this summer will see two new books from me, Four fathers' short stories with James Nash, Tom Palmer, Ray French, and moi. AND... a new collection of poetry from me gathering together some of my commissioned writing and a few new bits. On top of this the manuscript for the next collection is finished and is about to be sent out to my trusted friend Cherry Smyth who will show me all the holes in it. Then its on with that and begin serching for a publisher for it, as it is very different from 'The Prize,' much dirtier.

Been listening to some amazing jazz from Donald Byrd, and Roland Kirk. Yeah........

John Siddique.jpg

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Great new press pic by the wonderful Lizzie Coombes. Getting good photos is hellish, I am so happy with this one.

Jimi Manchester.jpg

Jimi Manchester.jpg
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Graffiti I came across yesterday in Manchester Centre

Thursday, 23 March 2006

down the tube.jpg

down the tube.jpg
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sometimes don't you find the underground is just the strangest place? who designed all this stuff, its a living artwork, and we're all part of its installation

Saturday, 18 March 2006

Feeling like Johnny Cash

Just back from a tour of prisons in South Wales, something about prison gigs is so exhausting, I want to bury my head for a few days, am almost beyond speech. I was doing a combination of leading workshops and readings with all manner of prisoner types. Spent all last night watching old episodes of Buffy to turn my brain off.

Its a cold 2 degrees here in the valley. Had my French toast, bacon and maple syrup breakfast in Mooch and sat very still. I see a theme developing for the next few days. Sitting still. Might dust off my meditation cushion, light some candles, say some prayers...

currently I'm reading Everyday Eclipses by Roger McGough, he's turned into a very good poet. I used to think he was little more than a stand up comedian using the name of poetry for kudos, but this is great stuff.

hmm the suitcase needs unpacking, books need putting away. Oh yeah and thanks to everyone who came to my show in Birmingham last week. I haven't had a chance to say anything since, but thank you for a lovely night, I enjoyed my self so much, and you were such a welcoming bunch, even with some of the slightly scary open mic stuff!!

Have rediscovered the joy of some old Pharoah sanders lps this week too, when he's good, he's great. So been listening to 'prince of peace' and 'the creator has a masterplan.'

There is a big pool of sunlight on the bed, I'm going to go and lie in it and be a cat.

lots of love


Wednesday, 8 March 2006

patriot act - you are what you read

from BBC News

"Months of wrangling had forced a number of compromises with the government agreeing to some curbs on information gathering.

Sixteen provisions of the act were due to expire on Friday.

The bill to renew the law would make 14 of them permanent and extend two others by four years.

One of these allows federal agents to obtain "tangible items" such as business records for foreign intelligence and international terrorism investigations.

One of the compromises limits the government's power to demand that libraries hand over information about what books people have borrowed unless it receives a judge's consent."

proof that reading is a dangerous buisness, if you know how the world works you might be a threat to the Bush vision of the US way of life.

read on, my lovelies, it'll make you subversive, libraries are the new battleground and as for 'the cat in the hat,' he might be a terrorist.

lights in my brain

a couple of nights ago something literally pushed me out of the house after my evening meal, I just couldn't sit still. I found myself walking a couple of miles staright up the hill behind my house until i had the clearest view of the sky and the half moon, all so bright they left afterimages in my head.