Sunday, 21 May 2006


Life Lines
Launching on the 8th of June, this CD for Oxfam contains great poetry from Britain and Irelands poets, If you can support by buying the cd, for yourself, as a gift, if you work for a library or a school, or university, it would be a great resource of modern poetry for you. My contribution is the poem Cheap Moisturiser, from The Prize (Rialto.) The CD will be available in Oxfam Shops all over the country and costs £4.99. Please find details of the launch below.

all the best


A Message from Todd Swift Re: Life Lines
I am writing, as Oxfam's Poet In Residence, to invite you to attend the launch of Life Lines, Oxfam's 74-minute audio CD, which features sixty-nine leading British and Irish contemporary poets - live recordings donated to raise funds for Oxfam.

This historic CD represents one of the most remarkable gatherings of poets in support of a charity, and is a permanent record of many extraordinarily moving - and at times funny - poems. If sales warrant, Oxfam plans a sequel CD to shortly follow, so your support can very much make a difference in how this project unfolds.

The launch event will begin at 7pm on Thursday June 8th, 2006, at St Giles Church, 60 St Giles High Street, London WC2; near Tottenham Court Road tube.

The event will be opened by Oxfam's director, Barbara Stocking. The distinguished guest readers will be the poets Patience Agbabi, Simon Armitage, Wendy Cope, Charlie Dark, Helen Farish, Peter Finch, Ruth Padel and Jo Shapcott; hosted by myself.

There will be free wine donated by Vinos de Espana and music from Mark Marshall.

Admission will be with a free ticket only.

These free tickets are available from Su Lycett, Oxfam's coordinator for this project, who will post them to you. Please email her at the address below, and request the number you wish sent to you, along with your postal address.

If you are a reviewer, you may also request a review copy if you indicate the journal or magazine you wish to review for.

This promises to be one of the finest nights of poetry in London, this year.

We hope to see you there, to support the many poets, and Oxfam, in support of poetry and those in need.

kind regards,


Tuesday, 9 May 2006

BACH frenzy

typing up my play at the minute, and going slightly insane, too many ideas in this old head, and its days like this I wish I could just pay someone to read my scrawl and tell them to get on with it. damn it there's books to write!! The play is looking good, it'll need a bit of an edit but its goes like its got 'go faster stripes.'

reading in leeds tonght, so I'm having the afternoon off. last week I made the mistake of working at home all day, then doing a gig at night, which adds up to 2 days work really, and it fried me.

Music is soothing the savage beast which lives inside this poet... Bach's 'french suites,' The enid's 'six pieces' and 'Fand,' and dancing around to the new Black Dog Productions ep 'Riphead.'

not done a podcast in ages, sorry all. soon i promise. but hey its sunny out there, what am I doing sitting here typing...



Sunday, 7 May 2006


Attended a reading and workshop by Mark Doty over the weekend in Manchester. First time in a long time where I have allowed myself to be the pupil and not the teacher. I think I could do with a bit more of that.

listening to the new Boards of Canada ep today.... somehow it doesn't quite touch me. perhaps I'm too jazzed up. as ever.

More touring coming up this week. Leeds, Milton Keynes and London, than a few days before heading off to Ireland for a week of gigs. can't complain at this troubadour lifestyle.

now listening to 'The Enid' - Six Pieces, wonderful music

Thursday, 4 May 2006


a wonderful day, real warm spring. i have finished writing my play, now I have to type it all up as its all handwritten.

I did the first of my Faber reading the other night in Congleton in Cheshire, tring to get audiences who don't normally read poetry to look at it from a new perspective. using good examples and conversation. I must say thanks to all who came for making me so welcome. Thanks for the butties and the beartown stout. and thank you for listening to a poet going on about his love of poetry.