Tuesday, 31 October 2006

for you

do your self a favour watch these funny, funny things....http://www.strindbergandhelium.com

Monday, 23 October 2006

Poetry Review

Big inspirations in Manchester this morning, taking a day day just to fill up, spent ages in Magma looking at photograph books.


just looking at the last 4 issues of poetry review, looking for a poem to warm up the afternoon I guess, and I'm amazed that each issue has almost the same people in each one, is it some kind of club that no one else is allowed into?

music for today - The Herald by Comus

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Vienna Intersection

Vienna Intersection
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I have a love of wires and industrial things, i don't take enough photos of such things, I need to get a good zoom lens.

been listening to lots of silly heavy metal in the car to keep me awake this week, doing my usual mad dashing around of Readings and Workshops, today is saturday, I might just go far a walk.....

Monday, 16 October 2006

Oh Vienna

John Siddique @ Vienna Lit - 9.jpg
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more Vienna Pics here:

a tired and emotional John here, just back from a wonderfully lovely time at Vienna Lit, Thank you so much to Julia Novak for pulling all the strands together, and thank you too lovely Iga, Chrissi and Co. for supports. I was going to write all about the festival here but Michi has been so kind to give her account of the festival in her blog, and it's better than I can manage today. go here to read it: http://moonie71.blogspot.com


listening to Miles Davis' Miles Ahead album right now, getting ready for a Four Fathers' reading tonight. Vienna has really shown me that I need to....mmm better not talk about this stuff in the blog,,, sorry. let's just say I have a lot to think about how we live in England, and how well that suits me at present.

last batch of thanks to everyone who came to the workshop at the Brtish Council, and wow to all you who came to my reading, i was so touched. well done to the young poets who wrote poems based on my 'YES' poem.

LOVE as ever, and remember the message is now loud and clear, get yourself a nuclear weapon if you want to feel safe, not having one means you are open to invasion. if you have one the worst that can happen is that you get some santctions, and an invite to the table.

all we can do is be good with each other, and one day these freaks will turn around to see what we're up to and we'll just be getting on with our lives. it's our world through simple acts of awareness.



Thursday, 5 October 2006


Hey there

quite dizzy with the amount of readings I'm doing at the minute, natioanl poetry day time is always chocka. spent an hour chatting about poetry on BBC Manchester this morning, which was really lovely, read my poem habitual family list, did an on air workshop, and plugged the Oxfam CD. tonight I'm reading close to home in Halifax, it's raining big time out there, hope it doesn't affect numbers.

have taken the afternoon off and have watched a couple of old episodes of Firefly, wonderful!! if you never seen it, I really recommend it, shame it didn't last long.

trying to learn a bit of German for my gig in Vienna next week, nope, it ain't going in. let's hope it comes out when I get there.