Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Princess by Chris Robinson

Princess by Chris Robinson
Originally uploaded by John Siddique.

One of my favourite paintings, I often find myself looking at it in wonder in the evenings, Chris is such a wonderful artist, wish he would paint more often.

music for today - no agreement by fela kuti

Saturday, 25 November 2006

flooded lands

Travelling back across a flooded England burst rivers and fields of brown water. Sometime in the last week there has been a wave of lambs born, to me this seems very odd in November, I thought lambs were born in late Feb and early March. The lovely ‘Van Occupanther’ album by Midlake is on my iPod. Finding the right music for travelling is essential for me at the minute. Don’t feel like I’ve been home much in a long time. All this week I have teaching creative writing at the Arvon centre in Devon, now I’m winding my way North on an open ticket and no fixed route….. to do my tax, and fill in some forms and snuggle my girlfriend for 3 days before heading off to Spain for a month. Dear god if you buy one lp this year try this one, it is glorious, sort of Neil Young but can sing, sort of Fleetwood Mac (mkII) - when they were good, and yet nothing like either of those, there’s a touch of Granddaddy in there too.

I haven’t written much here recently, and it may be this way for a while, I’ll try to do a couple of blogs a month but all my energy is going into my new book at the minute and I find I can’t write much else, not even emails, but then everyone knows I make a better go with letters, and love receiving them so I make the effort more.

One thing that helps me travel these days are podcasts, I’m particularly taken with ‘firefly talk,’ being a Joss Whedon nut. But there hasn’t been an episode in a while – come on you guys, you keep me sane. Heading towards Bristol now, it’s going to be a long time before I’m home. iPod and window sound-tracking the miles. I’ve put some photos from the last week on my flickr site please take a look, please comment, and just a final note, thanks to everyone who has bought my new book for kids, I’m so happy with the responses I’m getting, please feel free to put your comments about the book on amazon and spread the word. This writer is nothing without his readers.

Just changed tunes – rocking out to Opeth’s – My Arms Your Hearse