Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Hallucinagenic Manchester

Hallucinagenic Manchester
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Went to see the Michel Gondry film 'The Science of Sleep.' thought the films images and ideas were beautiful, but he really should have had someone who can write people work on the script. Though I thought Charlotte Gainsbourg was gorgeous in it.

Sleep is something I don't do well, I wake at 4.15 every morning at the moment, and if I'm home in the evening I fall in an out of sleep all the time on the couch, so I took myself away from the couch for an evening of film and neon.

peace be unto all

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Door in the woods

Door in the woods
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Found this doorway whilst out for a morning walk..would you go through it?

trying to keep the artist fed spiritually is perhaps the real job of any artist writer. I am far from a city, no poetry readings or any art in galleries, so I try to fill in my journal, I have taken to making a few observational sketches (far too private to ever show anyone.)

Keep your inner fed my friends, cos if we go hungry the world ends.



Thursday, 15 February 2007

Your Help With Amazon

John Siddique Workshop @ British Council Vienna - 4
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Hey there

I need your help with Amazon UK reviews, they are one of the few places a poets books get publicly reviewed. if you have enjoyed any of my poems, please stick up a couple of lines about your real experienence of it, how it moved you, or what it meant to you. Don't feel you have to be all literary and write a big review. just a few true lines.

One of my few goals in life is for my work to be read and enjoyed.... the rest of the literary world is a game. readers is what it is all about.

peace and thanks if you can help


Currently reading 'The Paris Review Interviews Vol 1'

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A Valentines Poem from 'Northern Soul'

Lotus Flame
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hi there

this poem was commissioned by BBC Manchester for Valentines Day
and originally aired on the breakfast show

Visible imprints

Love burns his diaries in the zinc leaf bin
in the garden. Sick of himself he’s a fool
who gets it wrong, turns up in a pink wig
and sequins to a dinner party, thinking
it's fancy dress. Cries when he says I love you,
when he only meant to say pass the salt.
He would like to unfold the paper of his heart,
give you the pen to write your lines there.

Anniversaries and Christmases make him sad.
Young love is so self obsessed, middle love sees
what you mean, though you have no intention
of saying it. – He’s learned that turning up
on time, doing what you say your going to do,
allowing two to remain two, are the answers
His head full of Hollywood, full of perfect wives
in the aisles of Tescos, the escalators at Brixton tube.

His heart decides forgiveness means peace,
means letting go of the grasping. He gathers
kindling, the red petrol canister from the boot
of the car, burns the diaries full of their names.
Gives up on longing at his core, in that way
he can have you again. No more pushing away.
Red edged burning, ash paper with imprints
still visible, fireflies of years – messages on the air,
caught down-drafted into wet. He can go to bed
tonight, put his arms round his girl; be there finally.

(c) John Siddique 2007
from - 'Poems from a Northern Soul' (Crocus)
isbn 0946745870


Monday, 12 February 2007

Borders & Northern Soul

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Borders have bought in a huge number of copies of my new book 'Poems from a Northern Soul' (Crocus.) I often hear the rumour poetry doesn't sell. Not sure if that's so true. I think all the projects and all the readings are starting to pay off in the Books world.

ps serious question, does anyone know of a PR or Publicist who works with writers like myself, ie not signed to a Major House, but works their butt off.

hope yr happy and thriving