Monday, 26 March 2007

The Fountain

just watched Darren Aronofsky's film the fountain, and I'm in shock. i have loved every one of his films but this..THIS..was immense. I have no idea how to describe it. I can't believe someone had the balls to make this.... It's like recieving an inititation.

if you get the chance to see this just go and see it at a cinema rather than on dvd if you can, you need the size and the sound and the dark to hold you.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Journal (Light)

Journal (Light)
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to keep the juices flowing I have been trying to write a daily observation in my journal

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
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The mother you are determines what your
child will become.

The child you are determines what kind of
mother you will grow to be.

And most of what you’ll do, you’ll never be thanked for.

This is the circle for mothers, who turn the world
with their hands while no one is watching.

© John Siddique 2007
from ‘Poems from a Northern Soul’ (Crocus) isbn 0946745870

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Mother's Day Poem on BBC Website

Brighton Shoes
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hey there

The Poem 'Mother's Day' from 'Poems from a Northern Soul,' has been used by the BBC on their west yorks website.

please feel free to copy the poem and share it, or give it to yr mum....

if i remember I will post it up here in full tomorrow.

hey all you Burnley folk...Charlie and the others.....great to meet you..



Sunday, 11 March 2007

New Publicity Shot

John Siddique (Poetry Hat)
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a few new publicity shots for use by magazines and newpapers covering my work will be added to the images page of my website soon, just trying to decide which to use, you have to be so careful as how you present yourself as a writer.

I won't allow three words in particular to be used in relation to my work 'Local,' or 'Performance Poet,' I write for anyone to read, and perfomance poetry conjours up the idea of half arsed hip hop self aggrandiing rhetoric so I don't do those. Like wise I won't play the exotic brown man for anyone. Read me because of the quality of my writing, not becasue of the colour of my skin.

We're in big trouble with this stuff in the UK at present, publishers are going all out to be seen to publish so-called british ethnic writing this year. I promise I will never let myself be published under some 'let's help the ethnics' scheme. I feel sorry for any writer who does though, as they'll never know that they are appricated for their work. I've turned down lots of money and a bookdeal in the past because of this, but I'd rather know for sure that it's my work that counts.

Mind your heads and hearts people, they're all we've got.



ps Photo was taken by Missy Kunda from Silk Photography in Manchester - she's great if you need pics

Meditation Shrine

Meditation Shrine
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I really could do with some inner polishing at the minute, only a few things help, Yoga, meditation, reading, writing, drinking water and switching off the television.... and the occassional walk.... 42 and I'm only just learning....

Hari OM

sitting on my stairs last night (don't know why, just seemed like the place to sit,) reading Raymond Carver's 'What do we talk about, when we talk about love.' If there ever was a master of the short story I think it might be Carver, what is really scary is his poetry is better than is prose.. how can that be...?

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Oil slick

Oil slick
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I believe that finding the beautiful in the ordinary is what my life as a poet is really about

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

John Siddique at Essex Book Festival

John Siddique - Book Cover
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The best moment of the day for me however was a Young girl called Anna, who was there as part of a school group working with BBC recognising me from my other life as an occassional children's author. I was so pleased, I remembered I had my own reading copy of my children's book with me, it's well travelled, and a bit battered, but I signed it and gave it to her for a present. It made her so happy..Thanks Anna..

PD James , Mike Ripley , Tom Palmer, Ray French and John Siddique

PD James , Mike Ripley , Tom Palmer, Ray French and John Siddique.jpg
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Had a lovely time at the launch of the Essex Book Festival where I got to hang out with the lovely PD James, and where we did our 'Four Fathers' thing. .