Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Britain is Finished - Ruined by labour

The UK Government has just voted to extend the term that 'terrorist' suspects can be detained to 42 days without charge, no real definition has been made as to what a terrorist suspect is, so that anyone pointing a finger can accuse anyone they don't like the look of I guess, welcome to Salem 2008.

Britain and all it has stood for for a 1000 years is being brought to an end today not by terrorists but by lawyers pretending to be politicians twisting half truths and fears, creating the bogeyman of the other. I doubt we will ever get our freedoms back if the House of Lords fail to stop it. Even if they do, it is terrible to know that the powers that be are activly and deliberatly destroying our country in a more effective manner than any terrorist organisation ever ever could.

To those who would say 'well at least you'll be safe in your bed, what are civil liberties if you are blown up?' i say I'd rather take the risk, and live in a free country - I don't think I want to live here anymore

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Baghdad Bureau - Iraq From the Inside - New York Times Blog

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hope things are shiny for you dear reader... this blog produced by the New York Times is well worth a read.. it is just as it says

Baghdad Bureau - Iraq From the Inside - New York Times Blog



Sunday, 1 June 2008

Facebook Fanclub

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There is now a John Siddique Facebook Fanclub,
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