Wednesday, 27 January 2010

John Siddique & Daljit Nagra

read with Daljit this afternoon in Blackburn as part of Reading Agencies MyVoice initiative....

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Friday, 8 January 2010

Derek Jarman's Garden - Prospect Cottage

Derek Jarman's Garden - Prospect Cottage
Originally uploaded by John Siddique

it's interesting how i come back to Derek Jarman's Diaries year after year. Though i am nothing like him, different sexuality, different upbringing.. there does seem to be a commonality in people who are striving to create. The xmas/new year phase always leaves me doubting, wondering how to carry on as an artist through another year, another decade. Is what I produce appreciated? knowing that i must create regardless of that question. each year we dig deep to find the belief in art whilst the pedlars of mediocrity use the trojan horses of words like luxury, choice, democracy - to steal away authentic experience. Then i turn to Jarman's diaries uncompromising, always trying to find a way to work, even on his death bed he's starting a new script.

... and I stumble on, a new idea, a new book, putting words together so that they might mean something real... each year beginning again.. reading some books, picking up the pen, remembering that love is a verb.. turning up at the desk..

love and light peoples, and i hope a bit of the naughty for all, to make it interesting.