Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Don't Wear It On Your Head (Salt Edition)

Don't Wear It On Your Head (Salt Edition)
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New cover for my children's book 'Don't Wear It On Your Head...' which is being reissued by SALT this year.. More info on dates etc when we have them..

Abha Sunlit

Flowers and men by DH Lawrence

Flowers achieve their own floweriness and it is a miracle.
Men don't achieve their own manhood, alas, oh alas! alas!

All I want of you men and women,
all I want of you
is that you shall achieve your own beauty
as the flowers do.

Oh leave off saying I want you to be savages.
Tell me is the gentian savage, at the top of its coarse stem?
Oh what in you can answer to this blueness?

[I want you to be as savage] as the gentian and the daffodil.
Tell me! tell me! is there in you a beauty to compare
to the honeysuckle at evening now
pouring out his breath.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Public Lending Right

I Love the day each year when the PLR payment comes. This is a small amount of monety each time a book is borrowed from a library or photocopies are made for research purposes.. and I always very moved and touched that people are reading my work. Thank You dear readers, I shall spend the money wildly and raise a toast to you all!!