Sunday, 10 October 2010

Poet meets Wallace and Gromit

It is not often I am star struck, but look who is staying in the same house as me at the minute... yes it really is them.. the actual real plasticine stars

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Blackpool Knits One of My Poems

You know you've made it when one of your poems is immortalised in wool. Here are some fab people hard at work knitting my poem 'Why?' which will be auctioned off for charity at this year's Wordpool. The poem is one of a series of pieces written during my time as Blackpool's Poet in Residence when I was commissioned to create a major poem for the town. The town wanted me to create something real about the place as people only tend to think of Blackpool as being a party town. It is amazing that the town understands the value of what art and poetry can do in the larger scale of things.

The poem has caught people's imagination it seems, it is even mentioned in the books section of today's Observer by Robert McCrum.. I do believe that people do love poetry, it's just how poetry is often presented, taught and marketed which leaves people often lost with it. The Blackpool project worked so well, and yet I never dumbed down the work or talked down to anyone. I wish I could bottle the magic of this project to remind myself on the days when it's not going right that literature and poetry are important in this world.

The main poem from the commission is called 'The Sea,' and will form part of the fabric of the refurbished Central Library when it reopens, we are extraordinarily excited that this poem will be part of  the town in such a direct way... but for now here's some knitting in action...