Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oak Moon

Possibly my personal favourite of all the 13 Moon Films.. Enjoy and Share.

'Sometimes Our Longing Drives Us Into The Night'

Warning - Contains Artistic Nudity (Not Safe For Viewing at Work)

Written & Spoken by John Siddique
Animation by Daniel Spellman
Music by Katie Chatburn
Produced by Walter Santucci

Please support our work by sharing this film far and wide, and by picking up a copy of Recital, or any of our books through your local bookstore.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

June Check In

Hello there
I hope June has started well for you as we head towards Mid-Summer. Here in this part of the world we’ve gone from days so hot the hills have caught fire in April to the most washed out May I can recall, seemingly echoing our rising political instability in a display pathetic fallacy. I wonder why it is we believe these people, is there no curiosity or investigative spark left in us. Certainly the news just seems to be fear mongering and people saying ‘Blah Blah’ with no one checking out the moral or human truth of what is said with any sign of empathy. Perhaps this is why we have always needed, and always will need artists, as it is not possible to get much reality from what passes for reality.

I have been thrilled at your responses to Full Blood… and we have had some great press and features. Radio alone has given us over 10 million listeners in the last few months. Poetry it seems is popular on radio and in newspapers. Bina Shah - Author of Slum Child in her very wonderful review in Dawn: Books & Authors said 'Each word is to be savoured like a sip of forbidden wine.'

The 22nd of June sees our London launch at Poetry Society’s Cafe – we’d love it if you could join us. It will be such a pleasure to meet London friends and read for you. If you can help publicise our event, or get us some press/interview/radio/tv etc please get in touch asap… And THANKS.

The next 13 Moons Film will be Oak Moon - Launching on the 15th June. This perhaps is my favourite piece in the whole series. It comes with a warning that it has some artistic nudity, and at screenings it has made some people cry. We’d like to thank Ledbury Poetry Festival who will be screening some of the pieces at this year’s festival.

Hope to see you in London

My thanks for your support as always


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What's Your Bedtime Reading?

Sometimes the only time I get to read in the day is the few minutes before sleep at night. There is always an  unhealthy amount of books in the bedside pile, and sometimes if the 4a.m. heart-starts come visiting, this is where sanity can be found again. But more often than not, I read a few pages around 11pm and I fall asleep. At the minute I'm reading David Foster Wallace's essays - Consider The Lobster, far too deep for night reading, but completely addictive. So I was wondering what is in your bedside book pile, what do you read in those few minutes before sleep, or when you can't sleep..? We'd love to know..